our annual conferences: a platform for scientific and social exchange

Our annual conferences provide a scientific hybrid platform for experts from many disciplines. The single track format fosters direct interdisciplinary discussions between clinicians, engineers, VAD coordinators, perfusionists and other experts related to the field in oder to develop better technology and improve patient outcomes.


The annual conferences alternate bewteen our member regions, i.e., Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. They usually take place in September and include oral and poster presentations, panel discussions, invited lectures and social events like the traditional ISRBP World Championship in soccer. Particular events are dedicated to young investigators in order to foster their career development. In total, five awards are granted for innovations and outstanding individual and team performances in the scientific and the sports arenas.


The annual congresses of our society have been central to the remarkable progress in the treatment of advanced heart failure, which is in large part due to the success of rotary blood pumps. However, further efforts are needed and we encourage everyone to help us achieve our ultimate goal: to provide technologies and applications, and clinical procedures for rotary blood pumps and related systems for saving lives, improving the life quality of recipients and for cost-efficient availability of the emerging therapies.


We hope to see you soon at our next conference !